Family Health Center

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Accepting New Patients!

The Family Health Center specializes in the training of Family Medicine physicians and geriatricians. Our physicians and staff provide continuing and comprehensive health care for individuals and their families.

At the Family Health Center our mission is to train the next generation of physicians in a comprehensive team approach which helps you and your family stays as healthy as possible. The scope of family medicine encompasses all ages, genders, and diseases no matter how common or how rare.

Physicians and staff of the Family Health Center are dedicated to providing medical care specifically tailored to you and your family's health care needs. Our physicians and staff provide education for patients and families and we coordinate our patients care across multiple setting including our own behavioral health team. If we do not offer the specialty that you need, we can refer you and our referral department will obtain authorization from you insurance company.Coordinating care for patients to set up appointments with specialists (i.e. Cardiologists, Endocrinologist, Surgeons, etc) as well as working to help get patients scheduled for follow-up appointments with their primary care providers after the patient has been in the hospital are two important elements of the Patient Centered Medical Home.

The Family Health Center accepts all patients regardless of their payer source and for our uninsured patients we provide them with Medicaid and Medicare phone numbers if applicable and advise them of the Health Exchange and Atrium Health Navicent's Care Partners.

New patients at the Family Health Center are asked to complete a medical release form before their appointment so the physicians will have a complete medical history and information about the patient's care outside the Family Health Center. The Family Health Center has on-site medical records personnel at 478-633-5500 option 2, making transferring of records easier for the patients.

Once a patient of Family Health Center you will find that YOU are the most important and most critical part of your care team. As a patient you have the ability to obtain care and clinical advice Monday- Friday 8am-5pm by contacting our nursing staff at 478-633-5500 option 1, and after business hours patients can rest assured that our answering service will contact the appropriate person to handle their needs, as we have an on call physician available. The Family Health Center also offers opportunities for patients to be more involved and self-manage their care by accessing our Web Portal, which allows patients to email physicians and staff questions or concerns and even appointment requests with their primary care provider.

The Family Health Center is a patient centered medical home that provides an evidence-based care in a team setting. Your health care team works with you to get a complete picture of your health needs and makes informed decisions on the most effective and appropriate treatment for you. As a patient centered medical home and your personal health care team the Family Health Center works to help you set goals to improve your health and quality of life.The rights of patients to choose treatment options is respected and supported. The cooperation and assistance of patients' family members in treatment options is also respected and supported.

We are a Patient Centered Medical Home Level 3