Family Health Center

About Us

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As your Medical Home and a teaching hospital we are committed to providing you with current evidence based care. We also strive to educate our patients and their families to help them understand their conditions and the care they are receiving. We work together with you and your family to develop goals and a care plan that meets your needs. We also help you schedule and obtain authorization from your insurance company if you need to be seen by a specialist. We strive to provide you with same day access by holding same day appointments open for urgent and routine needs. Family Health Center (FHC) utilizes an electronic medical record to document your visits to FHC as well as specialists and hospital visits where applicable.

We are a Patient Centered Medical Home Level 3

2020-2021 Care Teams

Ruby Team

Sandhya Ramayya, MD


  • Paulna Lorimaire PGY-3
  • Parth Patel PGY-3
  • Shail Patel PGY-2
  • Andel Higgins PGY-2
  • Mariam Laro PGY-1
  • Ankit Mathur PGY-1

Emerald Team

Hugh McLaurin, MD


  • Kaya Jackson PGY-3
  • Shuichi Nakai PGY-3
  • Christal Uthaman PGY-3
  • Alayna Dukes PGY-2
  • Leah Blanton PGY-2
  • Jean-Phillipe Morisset PGY-2
  • Andrew Odegaard PGY-1
  • Terrell Jenrette PGY-1
  • Mardea Norman PGY-1

Gold Team

Roberta Weintraut, MD


  • Crystal Chiu PGY-3
  • James Vlahos PGY-3
  • Vince Chukwukelu PGY-3
  • Latora Williams PGY-2
  • Michael Land PGY-2
  • Philomise Moncion PGY-2
  • Rachel Albrecht PGY-1
  • Kishan Patel PGY-1
  • Lise Forestal PGY-1