Pharmacy Residency Program

Automation and Drug Distribution Services

The central pharmacy is accessible 24 hours a day and is the principal production area. The central pharmacy consists of:

  • An intravenous admixture preparation area with clean room, which is responsible for large-volume parenteral, mini-bag, total parenteral nutrition, and chemotherapeutic agent preparation
  • A unit dose area which provides medications to all areas of the hospital. The unit dose area is also responsible for the provision of controlled substances and maintenance of automated dispensing cabinet inventories throughout the hospital.
  • A packaging and manufacturing area for the preparation of unit medication doses from bulk containers and for the compounding of a variety of dosage forms
  • Purchasing, inventory control, and other administrative services

These distribution services are enhanced by state-of-the-art computerized information management systems, including:

  • Automated cart fill and first dose system
  • Automated controlled substance and floor stock system
  • Automated TPN compounding system
  • Comprehensive on-line inpatient medication profiles
  • Computerized patient billing
  • Computerized purchasing and pricing updates
  • On-line clinical database accessible from each workstation
  • Pneumatic tube system for the delivery of medications