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Women Services

Atrium Health Navicent Baldwin has a comprehensive women services department designed for every stage of a woman's life - from maternity education courses to a labor and delivery unit and a wide range of imaging and screening services.

Atrium Health Navicent Baldwin's Atrium Health Navicent Women's Care Provide:

  • Prenatal Services
  • Labor and Delivery
  • Postpartum Care and Services
  • Additional Atrium Health Navicent Women's Care

After Delivery Mother and Baby Care

In keeping with our philosophy of family-centered maternity care, you may have your baby with you in your room throughout your entire hospital stay. Our skilled maternal-newborn nursing staff will be available to evaluate and care for your newborn during those times you prefer to rest.

There are several tests performed on your baby prior to discharge. We participate with the State of Georgia and screen for hearing problems. We also do universal bilirubin (jaundice) screening on every baby before discharge and collect blood for state required metabolic screening (PKU) tests. Should any follow-up be needed on any test results, you will be given instructions for care by the nurse or your pediatrician.

Anesthesia Services

Long before delivery, you and your physician will discuss the various anesthesia options available to you for childbirth. Complete anesthesia services are available to you throughout your labor.

Breastfeeding Support Program

Because of the many health benefits breastfeeding has for both you and your baby, we strongly encourage and support breastfeeding at Atrium Health Navicent Baldwin. Our hospital has a Certified Lactation Consultant and nurses trained in breastfeeding support to help assist you and teach you the skills you need to have a successful breastfeeding experience. After discharge, moms may contact our Breastfeeding Support Program at (478) 776-4341 for help with breastfeeding or to schedule a visit with the lactation consultant.

Childbirth Education

Whether you're a first-time mom or not, we offer childbirth education and lactation classes to answer your questions about pregnancy, childbirth, breastfeeding and infant care. Your partner or other family member is also welcome to attend. Please call (478) 776-4341 to register.

Labor-Delivery-Recovery Rooms

Our private Labor-Delivery-Recovery (LDR) rooms offer comfort and luxury, along with the latest medical technologies and skilled medical teams.

With our one-room birthing experience, your labor, delivery and recovery will be coordinated and take place within the same private, comfortable room. Each room is equipped with the most advanced medical equipment and is beautifully appointed with a home-like decor. The LDR room provides a safe, warm and loving environment where the family can relax and bond with your new baby.

Photography and Videotaping

Still photographs of the birth and the newborn after delivery are permitted. No videotaping is permitted in the cesarean surgical suite. Please check with your physicians and nurses during labor for more information.

Your Baby's First Lullaby

As part of our dedication to making your birth a memorable experience, we have a birthday chime that plays throughout the hospital whenever a baby is born.

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