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The MRI Center provides ALL types of MRI scans: Brain, Spine, Abdomen, Pelvis, Joint (Knee, Shoulder, etc.), sports injury and is the only MRI facility providing pediatric sedation by board certified pediatric physicians for your child's MRI scan.

The MRI Center of Central Georgia is pleased to be among the few imaging centers in the state of Georgia to offer, not one, but two of the stronger, high field strength (1.5 Tesla) MRI scanners to our patients. Because of their wider range of use, these highly advanced MRI's have proven to be an important diagnostic tool for your physician.

Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) is an advanced diagnostic procedure that produces highly detailed three-dimensional images of internal body structures without the use of X-rays or any form of radiation.

MRI images are produced through the use of a large and powerful magnet, harmless radiowaves, and a computer. The patient lies inside a strong magnetic field. Radiowaves are then sent through the body. This affects the body's atoms, forcing the field into a different position. As they move back into place they send out radiowaves of their own. The scanner picks up these signals and a computer turns them into a picture. These pictures are based on the location and strength of the incoming signals.

MRI Scan results

Our body consists mainly of water and water contains hydrogen atoms. For this reason, the nucleus of the hydrogen atom is often used to create an MRI scan in the manner described above. Today, with stronger magnetic fields and more advanced scanners, MRI can be used to diagnose a wide range of conditions, ranging from fractures that appear invisible on X-rays to damaged sections of heart tissue, as well as parts of the brain, liver, kidney, breast, and other organs.


The MRI Center of Central Georgia provides board-Certified Radiologists specializing in:MRI technicians look at scan results

  • Pediatrics (pdf) (16 years old and under)
  • Neuro (Brain and spine)
  • Breast (pdf)
  • Body (bladder, pancreas, liver, kidney, rectum and uterus)
  • Orthopaedic (Knee, ankle, shoulder and wrist)
  • General Interpretation

In addition, The MRI Center of Central Georgia provides same day physician-to-physician consultation as well as fast result reporting.


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