Magnet Nursing, Navicent Health

RN: Provides 24-hour patient care, administers medications, monitors patients, educates patients and families, collaborates with care teams, develops nursing plans of care, supervises unlicensed personnel
LPN: Works under RN directions by providing basic nursing care, administrating medications, wound. care, personal care
Clinical Technicians
Works under the nurse's direction. They take vital signs and help patients with activities of daily living such as bathing, grooming, eating and walking.
Respiratory Therapists
Respiratory experts that manage patients on ventilators, artificial airways and respiratory treatments. Assesses blood oxygen levels in patients.
A specially-trained physician that focuses on the general medical care of hospitalized patients. They are experienced in the unique aspects of the patient's needs during the hospital stay.
Rehabilitative Services
Physical Therapist: Evaluates and treats patient's movement dysfunction and develops treatment plans for mobility.
Occupational Therapist: Assesses and treats disabled patients for improvement in everyday activities.
Speech Therapist: Evaluates and treats speech and swallowing dysfunction for the hospitalized patient.
Transportation Technician
Moves the hospitalized patient to tests, procedures, admissions and discharges.
Collects blood samples for ordered tests at the patient's bedside.
Environmental Housekeeper
Keeps a clean environment by cleaning patient rooms, procedure areas, treatment rooms and public areas of the hospital.
Catering Associate
Takes meal orders and special diet requests. Prepares and delivers meals .