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Since 1995, over 50,000 babies have been born in the Family Birth Center at Medical Center of Central Georgia. When it comes to your special delivery, it is important to us to provide you a team that includes the expertise of obstetricians, nurses, lactation consultants, educators, and other health care professionals. We want to ensure that Mom and baby receive family-centered maternity care they deserve. The Family Birth Center is one of five regional Perinatal Centers in the state of Georgia and should your baby need special care, The Beverly Olson Children's Hospital at Navicent Health has a dedicated Level II & III Neonatal Intensive Care Units.

The Family Birth Center consists of 4 private OB assessment rooms, 12 private Perinatal Rooms for High Risk obstetrics, 10 private Birthing Suites, 26 private Postpartum, 3 operating rooms, and 4 recovery rooms. All rooms are specially designed and equipped with state of the art technology to accommodate through all stages of delivery. Here at the Family Birth Center you will enjoy the following services:

  • Spacious Labor & Delivery Suites
  • Family-friendly & family-centered environment
  • Flexible Birth Plans
  • 24 hours a day, 7 days a week onsite Anesthesia
  • Highly trained & experienced staff specializing in low & high risk deliveries
  • Accommodations for Waterbirths
  • Breastfeeding Services
  • Infant Security System

During your stay with us, we want to ensure that you have a comfortable visit in a warm and welcoming environment. The Family Birth Center's room amenities include:

  • Private bathroom
  • Comfortable sofa that converts to a sleeping space
  • Wireless Internet access
  • Flatscreen TV with cable
  • Phone
  • Personalized information is provided for you which includes the names and numbers of your care-team.

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Pregnant woman reading a book outside

Beginnings Classes
Preparing for your New Arrival through our Beginnings program

The Beginnings program is a comprehensive maternity program which provides educational classes and support services. Beginnings offers a wide variety of educational programs to prepare you and your family for your baby's arrival. Registration is required for all classes. Classes include:

  • Prepared Childbirth classes
  • Baby Care Basics
  • Infant CPR
  • Car Seat Safety
  • Sibling Classes
  • Breastfeeding Classes (The Saturday breastfeeding classes will be from 1pm-3:30pm starting June 16th, 2018)

Description/Register for classes

For more information on Beginnings classes or to schedule a tour of the Family Birth Center, call 478-633-BABY.

Babysitting Classes for Teens and Preteens

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Breast feeding mother

Breast Feeding Services

Register for breastfeeding classes

The Family Birth Center at Navicent Health has two RNs who are International Board Certified Lactation Consultants on staff to assist breastfeeding mothers. A breastfeeding specialist is available to help our breastfeeding mothers get off to a good start while in the hospital and after discharge.

Prenatal Support

Prenatal breastfeeding classes are offered at no cost for pregnant women and their partners who are interested in breastfeeding their babies. This two hour class covers the benefits of breastfeeding, positions for breastfeeding, getting a good latch, pumping and special challenges.

Inpatient Support

Breastfeeding mothers will receive a visit from our lactation specialist. She will provide you with basic breastfeeding information, answering questions and assistance in getting baby to the breast if needed. Mothers may call Lactation Services directly for help during their hospital stay. All the nurses in the Family Birth Center have received breastfeeding education and can also assist breastfeeding mothers.

Support After Hospitalization

Our Breastfeeding Services offer a Warmline to take your calls or concerns about breastfeeding such as the use of medications while breastfeeding, pumping for return to work, milk supply issues and infant feeding problems. Call the Warmline seven days a week, 9am -6pm at 478-633-2771 or 800-228-2055.

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Nurse at the Central Georgia Fertility Clinic.

Fertility Institute

Fertility Institute provides Middle Georgia with a full-service fertility center that delivers the best cutting edge medical science in a comfortable and convenient setting, with a staff that truly cares about our patients. Whether you require minimally invasive fertility treatment, stimulated artificial insemination, in-vitro fertilization (IVF) or specialized services, such as tubal reversal or endometriosis surgery, Fertility Institute is here to serve you. For more information call 478-757-7888 or visit The Family Birth Center site.

Meet Our Staff

William J. Butler, MD
Kristina Hawkins, MD
Abdelmoneim I. Younis, DVM, MS, PhD, HCLD (ABB)

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Front entrance of the Family Birth Center

Family Birth Center Tours

We invite and encourage you to schedule your personal tour of the Family Birth Center. Tours are scheduled only on Sunday afternoons at 2:00pm. Reservations can be made by calling 478-633-2771. Space is limited. Tours are also available through our Prepared Childbirth classes, please click here to view upcoming classes. For more information contact Lee McWilliams at or call 478-633-2771.

Please enjoy a free gift compliments of the Family Birth Center for participating in our tour.

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Pregnant woman standing by a swimming pool


Today there are a number of choices for a mother to consider when giving birth. One of the choices is hydrotherapy. The Family Birth Center can accommodate hydrotherapy per mom's birth plan.

Why Choose Hydrotherapy?

For some, water may help women during childbirth by providing a soothing environment for the mom during labor. Here are some reasons why some women consider hydrotherapy as an option:

  • Some women find water helps them relax during labor.
  • By being relaxed, this may help decrease stress hormones and allow a more functional progression of labor and for some, less pain.
  • Some women find that the weightlessness caused by water buoyancy helps with repositioning, comfort and muscle support.
  • The buoyant effect of water may lessen muscle tension and promote relaxation.
  • When a woman in labor relaxes, breathing becomes easier which may provide optimal oxygenation for both mother and baby.
  • Laboring in water may help pelvic floor tissue to relax and may decrease the need for an episiotomy.

At the Family Birth Center of Navicent Health, birth is a special milestone. We want to offer options to best suite our patients. Contact your doctor for more information about hydrotherapy and if it is the right decision for you and your family.

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Young mother with new born baby

Labor and Delivery

The anticipation of your new baby is an exciting time for you and your family. The Family Birth Center at Navicent Health wants to provide you the birthing experience that is to be celebrated and remembered. Labor and Delivery nurses and staff are here to guide and assist you during the birthing process. To ensure that you have everything you need during your stay at the Family Birth Center, here is a checklist of the items you will need in preparing for your hospital visit:

Items for Mom

  • Nightgown and bathrobe
  • Slippers
  • Bra and nursing bra
  • Breast pads
  • Socks
  • Underwear
  • Hair bands
  • Toiletries: toothbrush, toothpaste, hair brush, lip balm, lotion, & deodorant
  • Comfortable and loose fitting clothing to wear home
  • List of contacts to announce birth to friends and family

Items for Baby

  • Going home outfit for baby
  • Receiving blanket
  • Warm clothing to wear home/heavy bunting or blanket (if cold weather)
  • Baby socks
  • Baby hat
  • Baby car seat

A car seat is required by law and should be properly installed in your car before you go to the hospital. Call the Kohl's Kids Safety Zone hotline of The Children's Hospital for more information at 478-633-SAFE or visit the website You can schedule an appointment to have one of our car seat technicians inspect your car seat.

Other Helpful Items for Your Visit

  • Hospital admissions papers
  • Birthing Plan
  • Pediatrician's name and contact information

Other Important Items

  • Money for parking
  • Camera
  • Books or magazine

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Mother and new born baby

The Magic Hour

What is the Magic Hour

The first hour after your baby's birth is ideally reserved for the baby and parents to get to know each other. Visitors do not participate in this special hour.

During the first hour of life, a healthy baby shows a high level of alertness and an ability to interact with parents. The baby recognizes the parent's voices and smell. This time is ideal for the baby to be introduced to the parents with snuggling, breastfeeding, and as much uninterrupted time as possible. This special time calms the baby after birth and enhances the bonding of parents with their baby.

Did you know?

  • Babies have an amazing ability to interact with their parents: They can distinguish touch, smells, tastes, sounds and sights right away
  • Breastfed babies will nurse better when placed skin-to-skin on the mother immediately following birth
  • A mother's body can maintain her baby's temperature more effectively than blankets and warmers

What is so special about the "Magic Hour"?

Immediately following delivery, a "magic hour" happens in which parents, their infants and a significant other spend time getting to know each other. During this period, the nurse will dry your infant and place the baby skin-to-skin on your chest, allowing for the most intimate and tender contact with your child. Research shows us that early contact between mothers and infants promotes more positive relationships between the two of you.

After delivery, babies are very alert. These awe-filled moments provide the best opportunity for you and your baby to begin building a relationship together. Babies have the ability to look directly into their parents' eyes and respond to their voices. During this quiet alert phase, baby will make the first attempts to interact with you and the new world. A newly born baby placed skin-to-skin on your chest feels the familiar and comforting rhythm of your heartbeat. This intimate contact also allows your baby to see the shape of your face and begin to recognize your familiar taste and smell.

Because babies see clearly for about eight to 12 inches, placing your baby on the chest of the mother is perfect for parents to naturally touch, hold and cradle their newborn babies. This gentle touch triggers a variety of physiological and emotional responses. Touching baby also promotes a healthy immune system for the newborn. This very personal and private time will nurture these loving and unique feelings.

Why is skin-to-skin contact so good?

Skin-to-skin provides the best possible temperature regulation for a newborn. Babies who get cold can have problems with breathing, feeding and maintaining proper blood sugar levels. Research also shows us that babies who spend the first 90 minutes with their mothers skin-to-skin cry less than those who are dried, wrapped and placed in a bassinet! This intimate contact also helps babies breastfeed.

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Mother and new born baby

Mother-Baby Unit

The Family Birth Center is designed for family-centered care. Offering private rooms, the Family Birth Center Mother-Baby Unit provides postpartum care for new mothers and their babies. We provide the following services

  • Nursing care for vaginal or cesarean delivery patients
  • Couplet Care or "Rooming In" with baby in Mother's Room
  • Lactation services to assist mothers that choose to breastfeed.
  • Private obstetricians, physician residents, and nurse practitioners
  • A Family Nourishment Center is offered on each unit for patient and family convenience
  • Flu and Tdap vaccinations available for Moms
  • Hepatitis B vaccine available for infants
  • Professional Photography Services with online photo nursery. Great for extended families to view photos of your new arrival.

The Postpartum Staff provides nursing care for Vaginal and Cesarean Section deliveries. Individualized care and education is a focus during the remainder of your stay after you have had your baby. Mothers may keep the baby in the room, but the newborn nursery is available for short term infant care. Moms with complications such as Diabetes, Postpartum Hemorrhage, Hypertension and or pre-existing Medical or Surgical conditions may also be cared for on the Postpartum Units.

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Post pardum mom exercising


Exercise might be the last thing on your mind after you give birth, but it's worthwhile. In fact, exercise after pregnancy might be one of the best things you can do for yourself. Starting a moderate exercise program during the postpartum months is beneficial in various ways. Regular exercise improves cardiovascular fitness and restores muscle strength and tone. It helps you to sleep better at night and boost your energy level. A brisk walk does wonders for depression or anxiety. Exercise helps to suppress your appetite for sweets and junk food and increases your appetite for natural, nourishing foods. Always ask your doctor or midwife before starting an exercise program.

The Wellness Center has a comprehensive postpartum exercise program, tailored to meet the individual needs of every woman. This program is designed to develop and implement an exercise plan specifically for each woman after giving birth. The Wellness Center offers a variety of amenities including an indoor track, indoor pool, and free child care.

The Wellness Center will provide:

  • An assessment consultation with a degreed Exercise Physiologist, to review medical history, goal setting, and development of an exercise plan.
  • An orientation with a degreed Exercise Physiologist will include basic fitness principles, use of equipment and contraindications for new moms.
  • The Group Fitness Coordinator will provide recommendations for appropriate group fitness classes to meet individual needs.

Services provided for an additional fee include:

  • Nutrition Counseling
  • Personal Training with a certified Personal Trainer
  • Massage Therapy

Call The Wellness Center today at 478-477-2300 for a tour our facilities & for a one week free trial membership!

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Mom and newborn baby with visitors in the hospital.

Visiting Guidelines

We welcome and encourage family and friends to visit you during this joyous occasion. We also want to ensure that mom and baby receive proper rest and recovery.

Visitation hours and policies are as follows:

Visitation Hours: 8am-9pm

Infant Security Policy:
G7316 Infant Security Patient Education 4-06 (PDF)

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