Centering Pregnancy

Group of pregnant women sit and talk with a doctor leading the group

Our mission at Centering Pregnancy, Atrium Health Navicent is to improve maternal-child health by transforming care through Centering groups.

What is Centering?

Centering empowers women in their healthcare, builds community relationships and forms physician-patient bonds through physician-led, group sessions. Expectant mothers are able to spend more time with healthcare providers while also creating a larger support network through group interaction. Centering also addresses many complaints with our current form of care:

  • Avoids long waits for the doctor (participants get to "skip the line")
  • Patients are directly involved with their care (they check their own weight, blood pressure, urine)
  • Patients spend an extended amount of time with the doctor each visit (2 hours)
  • Patients are encouraged to bring a support person. This person is encouraged to participate in the group experience
  • A snack is given to participants at each visit
  • Most importantly, studies show participants have better outcomes (less preterm delivery, more breastfeeding) than those who get traditional prenatal care.