Frequently Asked Questions

What is the externship schedule going to be like?

The schedule is going to be contingent upon how many clinical hours your school’s program requires. Those hours are then split by 12 hour shifts usually 3 days a week. These shifts will be dayshift, nightshift, and weekends. All school holidays are observed and you will not be required to come to clinicals on those days.

Will I be able to work and participate in the externship program at the same time?

We highly recommend that you do not work while you’re in externship due to the extensive hours that will need to be maintained. There is no set schedule for externship as the days are different every week.

What is the dress code for externship?

The dress code for externship will be the approved scrubs/colors for your school program. Scrub jackets will coordinate with your scrubs. No sweat jackets, hoodies, or fleece jackets are allowed in clinic.

Will I be able to perform any procedures?

Yes under the supervision of a licensed respiratory therapist

When do I get my portfolio back?

Once you have been accepted into the program, you will have a private meeting with the externship coordinator and given helpful tidbits to improve your craft.


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