Pediatrics Residency Program

Teaching Conferences

Our teaching conferences are very important to our residents and our program as a whole. Residents are expected maintain 80% attendance.

Student sit at a lunch and learn

Board Review

  • Our board Review Series is a dedicated time for residents to prepare for the Pediatric Board Certification Exam.
  • Wednesdays from 11:00-1:30 (except Sim-Lab week). This is protected time for all residents.
  • All residents are expected to attend board review except on vacation or night shift.
  • The Baby Nelson's textbook, MedStudy Curriculum and Pediatrics in Review articles are used, and is covered over the course of each year by weighted material on the Board exam.
  • Multi-subject exams are given quarterly using Board style questions. (These are for monitoring educational progress only, and are not public).
  • The PREP curriculum is also provided to each resident every year, and is encouraged.

General Pediatrics Lectures

  • Generally 1-2 times per week, presented by general pediatric attendings.
  • Designed to provide detailed lectures on general pediatric topics, for example: newborn nursery, inpatient and outpatient experiences.
  • Over the course of residency all major topics are covered, some on more than one occasion.
  • July is dedicated to core lectures critical to incoming interns (fluid & electrolyte management, DKA, asthma exacerbations, newborn exam, time management, etc).

Grand Rounds

  • Occurs every Thursday. Attended by residents, attendings, private physicians, medical students, nurses, and anyone else interested in the topic for the week.
  • Presentations by guest speakers, as well as our own attendings (general & subspecialty).
  • Each 3rd year resident presents once at Grand Rounds.

Journal Club

  • Held on the first Monday of each rotation and is led by residents with an attending facilitator.
  • The resident reviews medical literature about a specific topic and presents an article of his/her choosing, with subsequent group discussion.
Students work in a lab

Resident Administrative Meeting

  • Occurs after each rotation, and includes only residents and directed by the chief residents.
  • "Closed door" fashion where resident opinions remain anonymous from attendings and administrators, etc.

Simulation Lab

  • State of the art Sim-Lab prepares residents for CPR and leading code simulations, as well as practicing procedures, including lumbar punctures, placing IVs and IOs, intubations, and others.
  • Scheduled on the third Wednesday of each rotation.
  • During July and August, residents are scheduled for extra Sim-Lab time, focusing on life support and being prepared for code simulations.

Subspecialty Lectures

  • Generally 1-2 times per week, and presented by our Subspecialty attendings.
  • Each subspecialist lectures throughout residency so that all major topics are covered.

Weekly Review

  • Case presentation by a resident, with discussion facilitated by an attending. This resembles "Morning Report".
  • The resident prepares a PowerPoint that covers the case, as well as a short teaching section on the disease / management related to the case.
  • This is well attended by medical students, residents and Faculty.
  • Occurs every Friday, and each resident presents 2-3 cases per year.
  • PGY-3 residents present an Ethical topic that allows for discussion.