COVID-19 has changed our lives for the unforeseeable future; however, it has not changed Navicent Health’s dedication to providing exceptional and compassionate care to our communities.
COVID-19 Resources

Seek Appropriate Medical Care During COVID-19

Always Call 911 or Visit an Emergency Center for Life-Threatening Illness and Injuries

While many non-essential and elective healthcare services have been postponed as a result of novel coronavirus, those with illness and injury should continue to seek appropriate medical care during the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. While emergency care should never be delayed for life-threatening conditions, urgent care and virtual care options may be appropriate for less acute conditions. Navicent Health offers the following guidelines to help central Georgians make wise healthcare decisions during COVID-19.

Medical Emergencies

When life threatening illness and injury occur, seek medical care immediately by reporting to the nearest emergency center or by calling 911. Delaying care can lead to adverse effects, including debilitating handicaps, longer recovery times, or even loss of life. Emergency care is necessary for conditions including but not limited to, the following life-threatening situations:

Blurred vision or sudden vision loss

Chest pain

Difficulty breathing

Fainting or passing out

Head injuries

Heart attack

Severe bleeding



Navicent Health emergency centers and Emergency Medical Services (EMS) are taking extra precautions to minimize exposure to COVID-19, including screening patients upon arrival and immediately isolating those with COVID-19 symptoms, limiting visitors, requiring all individuals on campuses to wear procedural masks, and taking extra measures to sanitize waiting areas, care areas and ambulances.

Navicent Health offers emergency care at locations throughout central Georgia, including:

Beverly Knight Olson Children’s Hospital, Navicent Health (888 Pine Street, Macon)

The Medical Center, Navicent Health (770 Pine Street, Macon)

Medical Center of Peach County, Navicent Health (1960 Hwy 247 Connector, Byron)

Navicent Health Baldwin (821 North Cobb Street, Milledgeville)

Monroe County Hospital, Navicent Health Partner (88 Martin Luther King Jr. Drive, Forsyth)

Putnam General Hospital, Navicent Health Partner (101 Greensboro Rd., Eatonton)

Emergent vs. Urgent

Not all illnesses and injuries are life-threatening, and an emergency center is not the only option for care. Urgent care centers are more appropriate for minor health concerns. Urgent care centers are designed to provide immediate, non-emergency treatment for conditions including, but not limited to, the following:

Allergic reactions that are not life threatening

Animal bites

Broken bones

Coughs, colds and sore throats

Ear infections

Mild asthma

Rashes and skin irritations

Navicent Health offers three urgent care centers in Macon – on Gray Highway, Riverside Drive and Zebulon Road – where patients are usually treated and discharged much quicker than at an emergency center. Navicent Health urgent care centers are also taking extra precautions to minimize exposure to COVID-19, including screening patients upon arrival and immediately isolating those with COVID-19 symptoms, limiting visitors, requiring all individuals on campuses to wear procedural masks, and taking extra measures to sanitize both waiting and care areas.

Patients seeking urgent care may use Express Visit, an online self-scheduling tool that allows the patient to check in for an estimated treatment time. Visit to use Express Visit.

Virtual Care Options

Navicent Health routinely treats communicable diseases and is adept at taking proper precautions to prevent their spread in emergency and urgent care centers. With that in mind, we understand some people may feel uncertain about visiting a healthcare facility due to COVID-19.

Navicent Health now offers Virtual Visit, a secure option allowing patients to connect directly to board-certified doctors 24 hours a day, seven days a week using a mobile device or computer. Virtual Visit is designed as an on-demand service, with no need to make an appointment. Those in need of care can connect with a doctor through Virtual Visit by visiting .

Virtual Visit is appropriate for conditions that would typically be treated in an urgent care center or doctor’s office and should not be used for life-threatening emergency conditions. In the event of an emergency, always call 911 or visit an emergency center.

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