Bo's Camp

Volunteer Information

Bo's Camp offers several volunteer opportunities for you or your organization to help kids and their families. Whether it is preparing for our campers or volunteering during the weekend, all aspects are important and crucial in making Bo's Camp a success! The difference you can make may mean the world to someone who has just lost a loved one.

Volunteer for Bo's Camp

Group of volunteers standing together smiling

No job is too small for Bo's Camp and that's where you can help!

  • Hospitality volunteers. Whether it is preparing goody bags or lending a hand during the camp, hospitality volunteers make the campers feel welcomed!
  • Food Volunteers. Food is an essential part of camp! If you or your organization is interested in donating food for the camp, please contact us for more information!
  • Organize a fundraiser or collection drive for the needs of Bo's Camp. Whether it is raising money to sponsor campers or collecting items, we can offer the camp free of charge because of the generosity of the community.

Please contact Rebecca Cogburn at or 478-633-1503 for more information about any of these volunteer opportunities.