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Woman and Child Playing with a Set of Teeth

The mission of the HEC is to provide current medical information for the Central Georgia Community. Available materials include books, journals, anatomical models, databases and subscription based web and Internet resources. The Center's collections encompass a wide variety of medical information and materials for the community and medical professionals. There is no "typical" community patron we serve children to students, to patients, their friends and families.

A wide variety of groups visit, from Head Start Programs to groups of students from Mount de Sales. That's where "holding the fat" comes in. The large, yellow blob, which represents five pounds of fat, is just one of many hands-on resources available for children at the HEC. There's also our skeleton, Mr. Bones, Muscle Man and the interactive Health House computer, just to name a few.

The HEC's extensive children's section include books, journals, CD Rom's, models, audio and videotapes. These items are written from a child's point of view. We have an Internet sites specifically for children as well. The library has educational kits that covers selected topics such as asthma or exercise. The children's area also includes materials specifically for teens and issues that pertain to teenagers. For example, we have subjects dealing with drug awareness, issues of puberty, teen pregnancy prevention, and many other subjects that teens would be interested in.

Health House is a recent addition which has components for all ages. This computer is touch activated and leads children and teens to a variety of games, and visual learning sections. It's another method used to reach children in a way other than the written word.

Woman and Children Looking at a Skeleton

But don't think the HEC is all kid stuff. While providing children and teens with an easily assessable source for health information, and possibly interesting them in a career in healthcare, is a major goal of the HEC, it is also a source for adults to obtain information as well.

We see diverse community groups. We recently had the Ingelside Baptist Senior's for a tour of our library. They were interested in health care issues that affect seniors such as osteoporosis, heart disease, Alzheimer's and other issues of aging. We are open to any group. Some examples are Man to Man - Prostate Survivor's Group, Riverside Homemakers, Women with Chronic Conditions and The Bibb County Board of Educators.

Our community collections for adults are strong and cover most medical topics and issues ranging from psycho social concerns such as stress, anxiety, obsessive compulsive disorder, to chronic disease specific subjects such as diabetes, cancer and AIDS. We have a strong collection of alternative health topics such as yoga, meditation and healing touch and hormone therapy. Most of our materials are written on a 6th grade level and above. As a point of comparison, most newspapers are written on a 6th grade level.

Three Children Sitting Together

The HEC also has a second-floor professional section for healthcare professionals. In February, 2001, a significant addition to the professional section was made – the Dr. Max Mass Professional Collection. Dr. Mass was a pioneer in Macon medicine during the 1940's and 1950's. He was the head of the Pathology Laboratory, and Radiology Department. In 1956, he established the School of Radiological Technology. He also published numerous papers, which gave Macon edibility in medical circles. The Medical Center's (then known as The Macon Hospital) original library was named the Max Mass Library and dedicated in his honor in 1964.

In addition to providing an area for professionals to look up information, study and hold meetings, the HEC has had numerous health professionals and authors offer free lectures to the public. And the HEC staff has also gone out into the community to provide health education services.

For more information about the HEC or to book a free tour or get on the Healthy Resources mailing list, please call (478) 633-1232.

Please contact the Health Education Center (MSC 147)
for passwords to selected databases at 478-633-1232